Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hello! Round Two

Hey everyone!

So I'm the other part of Happy Cycling, and I'm just here to give you all some phenomenal music. What I've been listening to recently:

Amon Tobin--At the End of the Day


Amon Tobin's tracks vary immensely, from ambient jazz to harsh electronic samples to collaborations with the Kronos Quartet and video game soundtracks. I love this track, off his latest full-length Foley Room. It has a pretty traditional structure, but the quiet melodies, lush harmonies, and unusual samples create quite a song.

The Cinematic Orchestra--To Build a Home

I hadn't heard of these guys until a couple weeks ago, and I have yet to delve deeply into their catalog. What I do know is that I love this song. A little moody perhaps, and nothing too out of the ordinary--mostly just a guy crooning over some quiet piano (though I hear that this is something of an anomaly for the Cinematic Orchestra--they usually tend more towards the jazz-electronic genre). Anyway, it's great.

Beirut--Scenic World

By now almost everyone familiar with the indie-music scene has heard Beirut's big hit, Postcards From Italy (if you haven't yet, get on that). And since the whole album is so great, I figure a lot of people have heard this song too. But I couldn't resist putting it up here, because its just too damn happy for anyone not to listen to. Enjoy.

That's it for this edition of Happy Cycling. Until next time,


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Welcome, all!

This is the inaugural post of Happy Cycling, an mp3 blog dedicated to spread of quality music run by myself (Jonathan Sidney) and my good buddy Jono Rosenthal.

A full profile will be posted later; however, today I'd like to start you off with a couple tunes that I've been digging lately.

1. The Bad Plus-Life on Mars (

I saw this jazz/rock/experimental trio for the fourth time Friday night, at Yoshi's, and they seem to get better every time. Their version of the David Bowie classic was described to me by a good friend as "literally sex". While some might disagree with that claim, I guess you can judge for yourself...

2. Anathallo-Hanasakajijii (four: a great wind, more ash) (

I recently became familiar with this Chicago folk/indie collective, watching their set on the Coachella webcast as I mourned the fact that I was indeed missing 2007. While not going to Coachella was clearly a big disappointment, discovering Anathallo was a small consolation. I was immediately impressed with their performance and downloaded several songs of theirs. Somewhat reminiscent of Why?, I think all lovers of good music can get into Anathallo.

Until next time,